I hope this makes you sad
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David Gunn, KING 810 (Anatomy 1:3)

When it’s my turn to sit down, I’ll sit down till I’m done. And when it’s my turn to lay down, well boys it’s been fun. As bad as I’ve been, is as good as I can be. Say that and play my songs when you go to bury me. Until then it’s orchestras played by AK-47’s and it’s get right with God, you’re going to heaven. The devil don’t want anyone to fuck with me in his presence and when you play these words you can feel my essence in the room right now and I bet you’re wondering how. It’s the motherfucking boogeyman.

The Acacia Strain and The Plot In You are playing Mac’s bar


Teacher: sit down
Me: drank

(via thumbsupforrockandroll)

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